ITU Rover Team: First team to qualify to the finals from Turkey

ITU Rover Team is made up from a group of experienced, curious and hardworking students that came together from various faculties of Istanbul Technical University. They are a group of young men and women that have experiences in many different disciplines and have previously participated in many successful projects.

ITU Rover Team holds the honour of being the first team to qualify to the URC finals from Turkey.

All the staff at ALTINAY wishes good luck to ITU Rover Team

ALTINAY is proud to be the main supporter of ITU Rover Team at the University Rover Challenge

“ALTINAY Mars Explorer” has landed in the USA; Murphy strikes again!

After a series of cliffhanger events, ITU Rover Team’s Mars Explorer was finally air freighted to the USA.  Mishaps and a series of unfortunate last minute events plagued “ALTINAY Mars Explorer”s last days in Istanbul. In the end the efforts and resourcefulness of the Team members, with the help of ALTINAY staff payed off and the Explorer landed safely in the USA.

ALTINAY Mars Explorer has landed in the USA:

Saturday, May 27th, ITU Rover Team’s “ALTINAY Mars Explorer” started its final 1000 km overland journey from Los Angeles, California, on its way to the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah.


Group photo at URC 2016

Murphy Steps in:

Mishaps and a series of unfortunate last minute events plagued “ALTINAY Mars Explorer”s last days in Istanbul. In the end the efforts and resourcefulness of the Team members, with the help of ALTINAY staff paid off and the Explorer landed safely in the USA. Things were not looking so bright a few days earlier. Murphy got involved everywhere he could during the last phases of preparation in Istanbul.

ITU Rover Team members had spent their last weekend in Istanbul working furiously on their rover. ALTINAY Aerospace & Advanced Technologies Division kept their R&D workshop open and gave the team a work-space where they could let loose their creativity. They were also able to test and rebuild the rover’ damaged and defective parts in the tool shop where they had access to the latest in 5 axis CNC lathe technology.

Ultimately, everything was looking fine and the Explorer was delivered to the freight forwarder on Thursday, May 25th, snugly packaged in its custom built air freight case, along with the high performance ALTINAY Li-Ion batteries the Team was planning to use.

Unfortunately, ever since Li-ion batteries were proven to be the cause of some serious fires in airplanes, it has been more and more difficult to organize air freight, and the freight forwarded refused the cargo. The Team members and ALTINAY logistics staff scrambled to find a solution so the Explorer could be sent without delays. The only solution was to remove the batteries and send the rover without its source of power. The Team was able to find replacement batteries, albeit with a lower performance than the original ones, from suppliers in the US.

Motor trouble:

Murphy wasn’t finished. The Team needed three additional motors and gears. They identified a vendor in the US. Following a series of phone calls, the motors and gear combinations were ready and they placed the order only to find out this company could only accept orders from companies located in the US! The Team members reached out to ITU alumni that were working in the US. A helpful alumnus was quickly found. He was more than happy to help as The ITU Rover Team’s participation has become a matter of national pride.

Last leg of the journey:

ALTINAY Mars Rover arrives to LAX

The team picked up the ALTINAY Mars Explorer at LAX. Murphy did not forget the ITU Rover Team in Los Angeles. However, things were relatively quickly settled, and the precious package, barely fitting in the rental car, was once again in the Team’s possession.

And so began the last leg of the journey to the URC. Once again, a big “Thank You” to Mr Murphy for allowing us to have a safe journey all the way to Hanksville!

ITU Team, with ALTINAY Mars Explorer start 1’000 km journey to MDRS


ALTINAY engineers review battery choice with team members

ALTINAY, main sponsor of ITU Rover Team offers both financial and know-how support

It should not come as a surprise that ALTINAY decided to be ITU Rover Team’s main sponsor. The enthusiasm shown by these young students, and their team spirit mirrors the core values of the ALTINAY Group. In addition to much needed financial support, the engineers at ALTINAY were able to lend their expertise and challenge the team to help them achieve their full potential.


ITU Rover Team graciously named their rover “ALTINAY Mars Explorer”

Close cooperation between ITU Rover Team and ALTINAY engineers

All the engineers and managers that were in contact with the young men and women of the ITU Rover team were impressed by their devotion, level of expertise, excitement and enthusiasm. A very close collaboration was established from the first day of ALTINAY’s support. As a token of gratitude ITU Rover Team decided to name their rover “ALTINAY Mars Explorer”.

We thank them wholeheartedly.