ALTINAY engineers review battery choice with team members

ALTINAY, main sponsor of ITU Rover Team offers both financial and know-how support

It should not come as a surprise that ALTINAY decided to be ITU Rover Team’s main sponsor. The enthusiasm shown by these young students, and their team spirit mirrors the core values of the ALTINAY Group. In addition to much needed financial support, the engineers at ALTINAY were able to lend their expertise and challenge the team to help them achieve their full potential.

ITU Rover Team graciously named their rover “ALTINAY Mars Explorer”

Close cooperation between ITU Rover Team and ALTINAY engineers

All the engineers and managers that were in contact with the young men and women of the ITU Rover team were impressed by their devotion, level of expertise, excitement and enthusiasm. A very close collaboration was established from the first day of ALTINAY’s support. As a token of gratitude ITU Rover Team decided to name their rover “ALTINAY Mars Explorer”.

We thank them wholeheartedly.

ALTINAY leaves its tracks in the Martian desert

ITU Rover Team, from Istanbul Technical University, successfully waved the Turkish flag at the University Rover Challenge (URC) where they competed for the first time. ITU students, with their “ALTINAY Mars Explorer” showed great promise when they finished fourth in the science task.

URC, the world’s premier robotics competition for college students:

82 teams from 13 countries competed for a slot at the finals of the University Rover Challenge (URC) that is being held since 2007 near Hanksville, Utah. Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Rover Team, scoring ahead of many highly reputed universities, secured a place in the finals alongside 36 teams coming from 7 different countries.

ITU Rover Team, with their ALTINAY Mars Explorer take a souvenir photo in front of the “Hab”

URC is held in Utah at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) which bears a close resemblance to the surface of the Red Planet and where next generation space exploration vehicles are tested.

Panoramic view of the Mars Desert Research Station with the “Hab” at the far left

ITU Rover Team, sponsored by ALTINAY’s Aerospace & Advanced Technology Division, is the first team from Turkey to win a slot at the URC, the world’s premier robotic competition among universities. As the main sponsor, ALTINAY Group in addition to providing financial support was able to not only share its technical knowledge in such areas as battery, communication, mechanical design or autonomous navigation but also provided the Team access to its production facilities.

Preparing ALTINAY Mars Explorer for the weigh in

ITU Rover Team, participating to the URC for the first time, managed a fourth place in the science task. Missouri University finished ahead of all contestants and, after 7 years, brought back first place to the USA.

Tense moments in the command center


Serhat Oran, responsible for Group Strategy and Business Development at ALTINAY, mentioned that participation to such an outstanding international competition was very important for Turkish University students. In a statement he made at the end of the event, he said that “The young men and women from ITU achieved a great success. Of course, we would have been delighted to see them on the podium…

The Team had to make field repairs on the Rover in between challenges

…However, most of the teams participating to URC in 2017 have been here around 6 years. Many of them have been modifying and improving their rovers each year. In fact, ITU Rover Team took first place among all the rookie teams. Therefore, theTeam’s achievement, under the leadership of Team Captain, Tunç Türker and their Academic Advisor, Dr Serkan Türkeli, both from ITU’s faculty of electrical and electronic engineering,  is a source of pride, not only for our Group, but for the whole Nation.”


Tired but happy! They might not be on the podium this year, but under Tunc Türker’s leadership and first among the rookie teams, they are showing promise for the year to come.

Serhat Oran continued, “With the increased importance of locally developing technology, the young men and women coming from ITU and other Turkish Universities make up the human capital that will shape Turkey’s future. ALTINAY Group who knows the importance of developing local technology and strong teams  will continue to support Turkish young men and women to help them develop their skills and confidence.

A well deserved break at the end of a grueling day of competition




ITU Rover Team: First team to qualify to the finals from Turkey

ITU Rover Team is made up from a group of experienced, curious and hardworking students that came together from various faculties of Istanbul Technical University. They are a group of young men and women that have experiences in many different disciplines and have previously participated in many successful projects.

ITU Rover Team holds the honour of being the first team to qualify to the URC finals from Turkey.

All the staff at ALTINAY wishes good luck to ITU Rover Team

ALTINAY is proud to be the main supporter of ITU Rover Team at the University Rover Challenge

rs Rover has landed in the USA