Altınay Technology Group, which continues to work in the field of advanced technologies for a quarter century in Turkey, provides services in a wide range from automotive to general industry, from aviation to glass engraving and up to transfer. It works with leading industrial companies in the world by the projects it developed.

Altınay Robot Technologies Inc., one of the group companies of Altınay Technology Group, which works with leading expert staffs more than 400, develops projects over automotive production lines intensively.


Altınay Robot Establishes R&D Center

Altınay Robot, which is the “solution partner” of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, established R & D Center in the second half of 2018 in order to offer its customers by supporting the most efficient production processes with original, innovative and intelligent technologies. Ömer Eren, Altınay Robot Technologies Inc. General Manager, stated that they offer turnkey solutions in the process from the sharing of the idea of the most accurate and the most suitable solution with the customer up to the ending of final tests of the system in mass production. Mr. Eren, “We are doing tailor-made works with the right communication we have mutually made.” he said.

Mr. Eren, “We established our R & D Center to develop more efficient systems with innovative technologies to our customers and to create the infrastructure that can meet all the needs of automotive factories from A to Z. In our R & D Center, we started to work with a great claim and enthusiasm. This center thinks and realizes the technology of the future, not today. Thus, it directs the systems of the future.” he expressed.


“We will continue our work that will bring sound“

Hakan Altınay, The Chairman of the Board of Altınay Technology Group, “The basis of the infrastructure of our group culture is the R & D culture. We have crowned our R & D activities for the aviation and defense industries with a center that will conduct R & D for the automotive industry. We are proud of this. We will continue our work that will bring sound” he used the expressions.