Altınay Defence Technologies 


The Group's activities for the Defense and Aerospace industry, which began in 2006, was consolidated under the roof of Altınay Aerospace and Advanced Technologies. The team has more than 13 years of experience in this field and they have been serving our country by combining this experience with engineering knowledge of Altınay Technology Group for nearly 30 years.

Altınay Aerospace and Advanced Technologies were established in 2014 within the body of Altınay Technology Group.

Our company, which more than half of its 100 employees consists of engineers, became one of the most important companies in the field of our country with the ability to compete with the world, superior technology and know-how, to design original products and implement them to the highest standards on the way out for the design of systems that our country depended on foreign services with local engineering facilities.

The products and capabilities of our company are gathered in 3 main areas:

Motion Control Technologies: Developing solutions for almost all civil and military motion control systems. Actuators, turrets, gimbals, pedestals, telescopic mast systems, ammunition handling, and launch systems, Stewart platforms, loop equipment testing systems are among the products that our company developed so far.

Unmanned System Technologies: Our company, which has the ability to develop multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles and all kinds of unmanned land vehicles, is one of Turkey's most important player in this area and also draw attention to its products the world.

Critical Production Technologies: All kinds of systems, machinery and equipment design for the production and disposal (demilitarization) of high-energy (explosive, fuel, etc.) critical materials are made by our company.