Altınay ModCenter

Altınay ModCenter, which was commissioned in Altınay Technology Group in 2012, operates in a 6000 m2 production facility with a closed area of ​​4000 m2 in Gölcük (Kocaeli), with its automotive team consisting of expert engineers and operators and modifies the vehicle in accordance with the special needs of the customers of Ford Europe.In addition to the modification and body engineering studies in the commercial vehicle segment, Altınay ModCenter carries out studies on interior and exterior design and superstructure projects.Altınay ModCenter, which provides Ford Otosan with power sliding door systems and control units, product solutions in OEM standards and special vehicle production in series, has started working as a QVM (Qualified Vehicle Manufacturer) certified company since April 1, 2019.Till today Altınay ModCenter has delivered more than 150,000 vehicles to Ford Otosan and has made up to 200,000 private vehicles.