Altınay Robot Technologies

Altınay Robot Technologies Inc., which is the starting company of Altınay Technology Group, has been meeting all the needs of its customers in the fields of factory automation and system integration since 1990 when its foundations were laid. Altınay Robot Technologies Inc., which is a multidisciplinary engineering firm that leading Turkey’s industrial robot manufacturing, also operates in the fields of “automotive manufacturing technologies”, “glass processing technologies”, “intralogistics-warehouse automation” and “flexible factory automation”. Altınay Robot Technologies Inc. provides turnkey solutions to its customers in various projects ranging from standard single-cell applications to production lines with multi-robot, from the modernization of an existing line to complex system integration with the accumulation and experience in the fields of process engineering and design. Altınay Robot Technologies Inc., which is in close cooperation with the leading global robot manufacturers and technology companies in the world in order to produce low-cost, permanent and efficient projects to its customers, uses equipment with high- precision and high-tech to develop its projects.