Our HR Policy

Altınay acts not only the mission of being a company using technology but also the mission of being a company that produces and directs the technological requirements of the future. Altınay’s HR Policy is characterized by the following fundamental values:
  • TeamworkBased on the belief that correct teamwork will increase success, respect for different perspectives and effective time use are prioritized.
  • Quality Continuity To provide the satisfaction of quality in products and services in terms of the customer makes necessary the continuity of the works carried out in order to sign more qualified
  • Sustainable DevelopmentIn order to develop more efficient systems with innovative technologies for its customers, Altınay prioritizes sustainable development with the R & D Center it established in 2018
  • Customer OrientationIn the direction of customer-centered service concept, meeting always customers' expectations and quality service offered with customers on time are adopted as a corporate culture.